• A Crocodile Named Tom (Second print)

"A Crocodile Named Tom" is an educational children's book that was written to help address awareness for an endangered species of crocodile called the Tomistoma (Tomistoma schlegelii).

The children's book tells the story of Tom, a small Tomistoma crocodile, who becomes lost and has to find his way back home. On his journey home, he has to overcome many challenges, meet new friends, and learn important life lessons. The story is fun, engaging, and heartfelt and helps relate people to important issues regarding the conservation of endangered animals like the Tomistoma. The story also helps relate readers to the unique animals, environment, and people of Sarawak Malaysia.

The storybook is 43 pages long, with a few sentences on each page, and is developed for young children and family reading. The storybook is also entirely unique in many different ways and will hopefully play an important part in modern conservation efforts for the species.

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A Crocodile Named Tom (Second print)

  • by Anthony Pine

  • 978-967-2008-00-2

  • 2017

  • RM38.15